October Fest

Apologies for anyone who saw this title and expected a report on a German beer festival – instead, it’s more a round up on what happened in October. It’s the 31st today –  Halloween, Samhain, whatever you would like to call it – and the day when the veil is thinnest between the living and the dead. That might be a good time to introduce you to the first book in my Rossetti  Mysteries Series, Some Veil Did Fall, but as that’s rather obvious (and yes, I still got it in there, I know!), I thought I would mention the three books I’ve had published this month and chat briefly about the two very fantastic Halloween/Gothic events I did attend.


First of all, the books – because that’s a pretty awesome thing to happen, and I don’t know if it’ll ever happen again. Choc Lit published the first of my new Hartsford Mysteries series, which if you’ve read the previous blog posts, you’ll see incorporates a rather nice Highwayman. Watch for me by Moonlight came out at the beginning of the month and so far people have seemed to be enjoying it. It’s always a horror when you bring a new book out, as you really want to please your readers. After all, you as an author invest time in writing it, and they invest time and money into reading it, and you don’t want to let them down… and as I suddenly discovered a raft of consistently nasty ‘anonymous’ reviews on some of my other books, I was beginning to wonder if there was a conspiracy going on! But so far the reviews have been positive and that’s an awfully good thing.

Secondly my first Christmas novella was published. A Little Bit of Christmas Magic came out as the fourth Rossetti Mystery, a timeslip linked into the lives of Ella and Adam from the first book in the series. It’s kind of based on Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come – and Mr Dickens did that very well, so I hope my book appeals as a sort of Christmas ‘ghost’ story too.

And thirdly, my Halloween novella came out today – how appropriate! It’s called Every Witch Way and is a bit of a romantic comedy. I had a lot of fun writing it and so far, people have had fun reading it too, which is wonderful news. I’m hoping that will be the first in a new series, and the second has already been submitted to the publisher so fingers crossed.

Now, that’s it for the bookish news, but I did visit Beamish Museum for one of their Halloween Fright Nights and had a fabulous time dressed up as a very vampy …vampire. I dyed my hair a pretty, vampiric red, and went the whole hog with pale make-up and red lips and a crinoline thing under my dress. Sadly, my son had taken our vat of fake blood to his friend’s house as they needed it for their costumes, but I did manage a very small dribble of the stuff from a phial I found in the bathroom cabinet from a couple of years ago. I spent the evening being jumped out at by things in the Forest of Lost Souls, peering into a coffin which contained the motionless dead body of a beautiful young bride (yeah, right), having a photoshoot with a hanged witch (she still managed to grab me and scream in my ear) and avoiding the Zombie Walk – which was apparently fantastic, but more of a Zombie Run as they chased you. We can’t run for toffee, so me and my husband would have been eaten for sure!

Then on Friday we had a trip to wonderful Whitby to see the first day of Goth weekend. I didn’t get dressed up for that one, I just wore black and hoped to blend in, but my hair was still quite bright! We briefly met my friend and fellow author Paula Readman (we both have stories in an English Heritage book about Whitby Abbey) and as we were leaving, there were lots more people coming into the town dressed up properly. It was nice to be able to walk around and see things and the weather was beautiful – but I think the Saturday and Sunday would have been much more atmospheric. Maybe I’ll get dressed up properly next time – but maybe not, as my fancy-dress vampire outfit would look so – fancy-dress – amongst all the beautiful custom-made clothes down there that I’d just feel quite inferior!

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