Ramblings Round-Up

Here we go, then. My last blog post of the year. I’m not the best at keeping Rosethorn Ramblings updated, but I’m going to do a bit of a round-up and see where it gets me. I shall try to do this in a creative way, by finding something for each letter in NEW YEAR but it may yet fail…


New releases. Gosh – five things came out this year, when I think back. The third Rossetti book, The Girl in the Photograph came out in e-book, the second one, The Girl in the Painting, came out in paperback, the first book in the new Hartsford Mysteries series, Watch for me by Moonlight came out in October, along with my Christmas Rossetti novella A Little bit of Christmas Magic and my Halloween novella, Every Witch Way. That’s pretty amazing, and I’m very thankful to my lovely publishers Choc Lit for getting those books out there!

Edits. I’ve done lots and lots of these in 2017. All three Hartsford Mysteries books, to be specific, as well as the Christmas book and the Halloween book. Just as well I like doing edits!

Witchy book. My first Rom Com, Every Witch Way was released at Halloween, as I mentioned earlier. It was such a fun book to write, and even doing the edits made me laugh – which may be weird or it might be exactly what it was supposed to do. Whatever, everyone so far seems to have enjoyed it too. Which (Witch) is wonderful.


Yorkshire. A  location for my Rossetti Mysteries series –  to be more specific Whitby and Staithes. I visited Whitby Goth weekend in October and had a fab time, and saw paperbacks of my books in the Whitby Bookshop. Incredible feeling. I also did an author event in Stockton Library – not quite Yorkshire, but close. Ish. Thank you to the people who took time out of their day to attend. It was a very hot day!

Extra writing. A big blog push in March for my paperback, followed by a blog tour when Watch for me by Moonlight came out. Plus a few blog posts, a few guest blog posts and some little Choc Lit treats and Round Robins. I quite like doing short pieces as it’s a change from the longer stuff, and sometimes you’re just not in the frame of mind to do anything novel-wise as life takes over. Next year, I’d like to do a few more short stories as I think I’ve only had one or two published this year in the Weekly News and I do enjoy doing them. I just need the inspiration, and as I say, when life happens, inspiration does desert a person.

Awesome readers. One of the nicest bits about writing is hearing how much people have enjoyed your work. It’s so lovely to get a comment on Twitter or Facebook, and to hear that someone has liked your book. I’ve connected with so many fantastic people through social media and especially through the best group on Facebook –  Historical & Time Slip Novels Book Club – that I’ve discovered other authors I can now class amongst my favourites, and a host of authors and readers I would class as friends. We won’t go into depth here about the troll-type of reviewers and ‘readers’, because they do not deserve any headspace within my mind. Just let it be said that authors are human too, and have worked very hard on their books. For some, it’s the first time they have taken a deep breath and put their work out there – and they won’t have developed the rhino-skin that is so necessary  for your sanity when you’re an author. So before a person puts something nasty on social media, they should ask themselves out of common courtesy, ‘would I go up to that person on the street and tell them this to their face?’ We’ve all had one- and two-star horror reviews, or threads in Goodreads that discuss exactly how bad your book is and why (well I have anyway!) – and I think that says a lot more about the reviewer than the book. Fortunately, the awesome readers outnumber those types – and for that I thank you all.

Reaching the top of the charts. Let’s end on a high! All three novel-length Rossetti Mysteries hit the number 1 spot, some in Amazon, some in Kobo, and my Christmas book, the new Hartsford Mystery and the Halloween book all did brilliantly as well. Thanks again to those Awesome Readers who made that happen.


So there you go. I managed a creative round-up, and I hope that you have a very peaceful New Year and 2018 is kind to us all. See you next year!

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