Jobs Done

First of all, I must apologise. The title of this blog post is more for my own peace of mind in the future, because I tried to promise myself I wouldn’t mention lockdowns and stuff in a blog post, as I don’t want to look back at Rosethorn Ramblings and have my reasonably happy little blog sullied by it all – but, well, I’ve broken that promise. The word ‘Lockdown’ has deliberately not made it into the title – that content would put me off reading someone else’s blog, so if you’re here due to false advertising, I do apologise and you may leave this page right now with no hard feelings J  But if you are still here, hello and I bid you welcome (again!)

I’m going to start by saying that I’m probably hating this lockdown as much as anyone is, but if my friends and family all come out the other side unscathed it will have been worth it. I’m lucky enough to be able to do my day job from home and to have some of the best friends and family ever as well, because we’re all regularly checking up on one another, virtually sharing wines and coffees, and dropping cakes and books off at one another’s houses which is lovely. Social media, on the other hand, has been horrific, and I’ve used the Mute button to great effect over the last few weeks. I don’t need to be told about how I need to stay in and have all the associated horrible stuff (including so-called facts and figures, false news and scaremongering) about this virus thrust in my face – I’m a reasonably intelligent adult, thank you very much, and I’ll get my news from reliable sources. And also, the people who do need to be told to follow the rules won’t take any notice of a meme or a quote – so what’s the point?

When all this kicked off, I spent the first couple of days having a splendid meltdown (husband was working away, child was stuck at Uni), as I guess most of us did, and then forced myself to stay positive, be thankful they were safe and to structure those days I wasn’t at day-job – and also, to do nice things for myself, every day.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. And here I am to share some of my ‘jobs done’. More for my records than anyone else’s, though.  I don’t blame you if you’ve stopped reading by now!

But, for my own satisfaction, and so I can see I have actually achieved stuff, my little list of ‘jobs done’ includes:

  • Finishing and submitting a Christmas novella, the third one in the Pencradoc series.
  • Preparing for edits to come in on the second Pencradoc book.
  • Signing a further three book deal with Choc Lit.
  • Writing a couple of blog posts.
  • Doing some literary jigsaws.
  • Dying my hair pink.
  • Having ‘Zoom’ meetings with fellow Choc Lit authors.
  • Having Skype, WhatsApp and Messenger calls with the people I love.
  • Helping my parents finally sort out broadband – so we can do the aforementioned Skype!
  • Digging out my art stuff.
  • Participating in an ‘art challenge’ with one of my friends.
  • Us both submitting some art to a Project called “The Big Hug” -and both of us being accepted for a The Big Hug collage.
  • Reconnecting with my inner 80’s child – i.e. drooling over Judd Nelson in “The Breakfast Club” and digging out some of the fab 80’s films I have and listening to some of the equally fab music of the time.
  • Experimenting with new recipes – downside is, I’m home alone and therefore eating all the new recipes myself.
  • Going on a long dog walk each day and realising I’m very lucky to have such lovely countryside facilities on my doorstep. Downside is, there’s a decomposing badger in the Lady’s Steps weir on the Derwent Walk, which I have taken to greeting solemnly every day, poor sod, because nobody has fished him out yet.
  • Making plans with my family and friends for when we can start meeting up in real life again for coffees, cakes and hugs.
  • Making plans to support local businesses – by the purchase of said coffee and cakes!
  • Having a proper good go at the gardening. 

None of this, of course, is anything like as good as being able to have our freedom and families back again; but as I said, if we can come through this unscathed, I’m happy. I hope you will be too.

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