Festival Ready

I’m quite excited as I’ve been invited along to the Books on Tyne Festival in Newcastle upon Tyne. I’ve got a slot there on 25th November at 7pm at the City Library, and there are also events going on at the Lit and Phil, which is beautiful, old, haunted library in Newcastle as well. There is, I believe, a bit of Hadrian’s Wall quite near the Lit and Phil, as well as the foundations of Westmoreland House, which was once in the possession of the powerful Neville family – the Kingmakers of the Wars of the Roses. There’s an article here about it all if you’re interested. I’m wondering if any of the old soldiers or the Nevilles haunt the library; perhaps they can add their numbers to the existing 16 library ghosts…but that’s maybe a story for another day.

gothic 11

Today, I’m going to think about my Talk. It’s a Talk on Gothic Romance, and you can imagine that I’m quite excited about that. There are various posts scattered throughout this blog about my love for the Gothic and my aspirations to write Gothic Romance. One of my later books, A Secret Rose, which is the result of a massive rewrite (eventually!) on my Victoria Holt homage, has been described as “darkly gothic”,” supernatural” and “a twisted fairytale” – all of which I have jumped around the room clapping to. For me, that’s high praise. As I write this, it’s sitting at number 10 in the charts, and it’s gone up and down for a while, but it’s nice to know it’s still hanging in there even a few months after publication.

gothic 2


However, the book I’m going to be chatting about is Watch for me by Moonlight. And that’s my lovely Highwayman book. It has been a marvellous excuse to re-research the route I took to get this book written; and also to be able to revisit my MA, in which I wrote at great length about Gothic Romance, Wuthering Heights and Lizzie Siddal. It’s currently Goth weekend in Whitby and I am slightly gutted that I’m not there this year, but I did go to the Beamish Museum Halloween Event last night, so I’ve had a little fix of it. I’ll have to do a bit more research, and look at even more stunning pictures of highwaymen, Gothic images and, actually, dreadful book covers that appal me. All in the name of Gothic Romance. And no, I certainly do not think those Gothic Romance covers are as nice as mine!


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