A Word about The Word

It’s been a week since I intended to write this blog, and all I can say is eek, time flies. What I was going to tell you about, is our Choc Lit On Tour Event at The Word, in South Shields. In fact, I am still going to do that, because it’s worth telling! The Word is South Tyneside’s state-of-the-art cultural venue, and the National Centre for the Written Word. It’s a fabulous building, and we were in the Catherine Cookson room – ‘we’ being fellow Choc Lit authors Jane Lovering, Juliet Archer and myself, along with Lyn and Lu from Choc Lit. We spent a couple of hours chatting to a room full of readers and writers, and had a jolly good time.

It was a lovely, summer’s evening on the coast, which always lifts the spirits anyway, and after a nervy start when we (I) wondered if anybody would actually come, the room started filling – which meant the chocolate began to be offered around, which meant that put a smile on all our faces. Jane, Juliet and I sat on three seats at the front of the room, and I was very gratified to see my friend Kerry in the audience – so nice of her to come along and support us.


We started by talking about our various writing journeys, and I always find it fascinating to listen to other authors, even authors I know well, because you always learn something new and it’s very entertaining. All our stories are very different, but we’ve all been lucky enough to be taken on by Choc Lit. In fact, Juliet was the first author they published in 2009, and I have a feeling Jane holds the record for the most books currently published by Choc Lit! I don’t even think Jane knows the exact number…


Once we’d finished telling our stories, we opened the floor to questions, which is one of my favourite parts of these events. It just feels as if everyone is interested in what everyone else is saying, and it’s really lovely to chat to readers and hope that they see us for what we are – just people who happen to write books that other people happen to read and enjoy. I still have to pinch myself to believe my work is being read so widely, and I think it’s great to do these sort of events, for both sides.

After our Q and A, we moved onto a quiz, supplemented by more chocolate, then people were free to wander around and perhaps buy a book or two, before leaving with a goody bag. My books looked rather awesome all set out – strategically placed next to the chocolate, of course… where I also placed myself. How fortuitous.


I do hope a jolly good time was had by all – we Choc Lit bods certainly enjoyed ourselves – even though the sea air played havoc with my hair and I ended up looking like the Wild Woman of the West at the end of the session! See, authors are (usually!) just absolutely normal – I know I have bad hair days and self-confidence crises like anyone else, but it’s still lovely to see readers, even when I’m in the middle of a combination of the above! Thank you to everyone who came along.

Explore the fabulous Word here…



4 thoughts on “A Word about The Word

  1. It was a lovely day and so nice to see so many faces turning out to hear us talk! (And your hair looked just fine).

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