Goth Glamour

Yesterday marked the second day of the spring Goth Weekend at Whitby, and also the second time I’ve been to the Whitby Bookshop to do a signing with fellow Choc Lit author Jane Lovering. This time, Jane rocked up in a Steampunk outfit (which had me freaking out every time she pointed her fake telescopic eye at me – so hard to chat sensibly when it’s centimetres from the end of your nose!), and I went in a nice black Gothy dress and dyed my hair red to complement it. After censoring the awful pictures in which I look like a ball-on-legs (tip: don’t get a weird sideways shot taken of yourself) I’m happy enough to put these ones up for your perusal.



As you can see, the weekend was full of people dressing up and enjoying themselves, and the cutest thing ever – Goth Baby! Goth Baby had two Goth parents and an older Goth sister, who cuddled her Dracula dolly and looked just as awesome as the rest of her family. People are so friendly at the Goth weekends – if you ask to take a photo, they will more than likely say ‘yes’ and then pose for you. I bumped into my friend Paula in the street after the event, when she’d very kindly popped in to see us, and somehow ended up getting my own photo taken by a photographer type. Again, I was cautious about the angle! However, it was all good fun and I’d happily go down again for more of the same. I also got a few very lovely notebooks, an incense holder with a griffin figurine on it, and a black Gothy ring from the charity shop opposite the station on my way to the bookshop.



It was great to see the people wander in and out of the bookshop and even sell paperbacks to some of them. We admired outfits aplenty, and both quite coveted a beautiful bustle dress and a crinoline. We left a few signed copies of our books there too, for future buyers. And we got two lovely cups of coffee and a plate of biscuits between us, as well as having a good catch up. We’re both doing another event in a fortnight or so at The Word in South Shields, along with Juliet Archer, another CL author, but we won’t be Goth-ing it up for that one. We will be wearing our pink Choc Lit t-shirts and probably not looking like corpses. Having said that, I do feel I looked a bit healthy and chubby-cheeked to properly rock the Goth look. I shall have to work on some hefty contouring for next time to imply I’ve got cheekbones… a Goth’s work is never done, but it’ll be fun practicing!

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