Love and Light

I’ve just realised I haven’t done a blog post since New Year. Eek! Happy 2018…

My excuse (not that I need one, as I’ve never been able to commit to a blog a week, or even a blog a month) is that I’ve been busy working on two new books. Taken together, the word count is something like 65,000, give or take. So that’s a good chunk of a full-length novel. But the words are split between two novellas: working titles are Watch for me at Christmastime and A Very Schubert Christmas. But these could, of course all change. If you’ve read any of my previous books, you might realise that Watch for me at Christmastime is linked to the Hartsford Mysteries series and A Very Schubert Christmas is part of what I’m fondly calling The Schubert Series, which begins with Every Witch Way. The two books are very different from one another; Christmastime is a timeslip and Schubert is a contemporary romcom. I loved writing both of them, and hopefully the Choc Lit panel will like them too and they’ll see the light of day…at Christmastime!

We’ve also had a cover reveal for the second Hartsford Mystery, Watch for me by Candlelight. I was playing around with some graphics and came up with the design below which I rather like. Candlelight is due out in April and it started life as my dissertation for my MA. It’s had a lot of work on it since then, not least rewriting from first person point of view to third, and my tutor says he’ll be interested to see how it’s changed since he saw it in 2016.

Discover Hartsford


And the large print paperback of Every Witch Way is scheduled for release around about Halloween 2018. In fact, I had a gorgeous review on Every Witch Way, today, from a true hedgewitch –  and she loved it, so I was thrilled about that as you can imagine!

Visual 1 - Black - witch with attitude

What else? Oh yes, The Girl in the Photograph  is coming out in paperback in March, which is exciting, and in April I’ll hopefully be visiting Whitby Goth weekend again to sign it. I have a new frock (long and black and very, very gorgeous, in my opinion) for the occasion, and will most likely be vamping it up by dying my hair bright red again and wearing vampy-style make-up. Love it! The dress was custom-made to fit by a fabulous little company in Cornwall called Magic Moonstore. Highly recommended. I ordered a dress there and it was way too big and way too short, so I sent it back. Ela offered to customise a different dress to suit my purposes better. All I had to do was give her my measurements. We had a confusion as I messed up and she asked was I sure about these as they worked out at a size 20 on top and a size 10 around my waist! After I’d stopped laughing and imagined myself as a Barbie-shape, or, worse, falling flat on my face due to vastly differing proportions, I told her I’d love a size 10 waist but yes, both sizes were wrong. We got it sorted and now I have a dress I love and a nice black cloak to go with it. So do pop down to the Whitby Bookshop on April 28th and see Jane Lovering and myself if you want to meet us and admire the lovely Ela’s handiwork!


And on 14th May, Jane and I will be visiting The Word at South Shields Library for a Meet the Author Choc Lit event, along with Juliet Archer, as part of The Write Festival 2018. Again, do pop along. The more the merrier.

In amongst this, I’ll hopefully be editing the first in the new contemporary novella series I’ve written for Choc Lit, along with the second in the Schubert series. It’ll be a busy time, but I don’t mind being busy with writing and edits. It’s all good fun!


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