Where Angela Writes

As everyone loves to see where other authors work, I’ve got the second part of my ‘occasional’ series here – this is the gorgeous workspace of fellow Choc Lit author, Angela Britnell. Angela is originally from Cornwall (how lucky), but she now lives in America. And I have some burning questions about that lovely desk, and of course some of the items near it.

Angela's desk.jpg


 What a beautiful desk and whereabouts is it in your house? Do you want to give us a little bit of an insight into how the desk is so special to you?  


 My office is upstairs and was my eldest son’s bedroom until he moved out at which point I immediately appropriated it – painted the walls my favourite peach colour and put up lacy curtains to guarantee he wouldn’t ask for it back! When my in-laws moved from their home about the same time that’s when I acquired the desk and a cream sofa. I can still picture my late beloved father-in-law using the desk and my husband added a pull-out tray for my external keyboard as it was obviously designed in the days before computers!


 Where does the door to the left lead? And do you welcome visitors to your ‘sanctuary’?


 The door to the left that you see in the picture leads into a bathroom I share with my husband whose office is the other side. On my office walls there are several watercolour paintings done by my late father who started my love of reading. The room does get hot in the summer defying the power of our air conditioning so I’ve been known to move my laptop downstairs on extremely hot days. I also have a bookcase full of a variety of books – a few old favourites, my complete set of Poldark novels, lots of books on Cornwall and one shelf is full of my own published books and magazine stories. Next to that is a tea table because when I moved into the room I discovered it was a long walk downstairs every time I needed a cup. Visitors are welcome if they bring cake and don’t stay too long if I’m working J

Aidan shelf.JPG


 What’s in the mug –  and if it’s a long walk, what do you do to make tea-breaks easier and more efficient? And – very important – what is your snack of choice when you’re working?


Luckily I take my tea black so I don’t have to worry about keeping milk fresh. I’ve got a selection of mugs to use but my favourite is my Ross Poldark Grass Cutting Service one complete with the famous scything picture! Snacks while I’m working? I could be virtuous and say fruit or something else virtuous but honestly it’s more likely to be a biscuit to go with the tea. Something from the small British biscuit selection at my nearby supermarket maybe custard creams or digestives – if I’ve recently been home to Cornwall it could be gingerbreads.

Aidan mug


And yes, we’ve all spotted that picture of Aidan Turner as Poldark – how very nice! Do you hold him captive at all, and would you consider lending him onwards? And please tell us why he’s where he is.


  Aidan’s picture is centre spot on my desk because how could I put him anywhere else? Trust me that wicked smile has inspired many a romantic hero to come to life. Captive is rather a strong word but he hasn’t dared to stray yet and as regards to lending him out – I don’t think so because I suspect certain people wouldn’t return him unscathed.


 Dammit, you sussed my ulterior motives… Lovely to chat to you, though, Angela; even if poor Aidan is out of bounds for now! (Unscathed and un-scythed, it seems.)


 Please do drop by and say hello to Angela (and Aidan) at the weblinks below- including the Choc Lit author link, where you can see what Angela’s workspace (and Aidan) inspires. 










4 thoughts on “Where Angela Writes

  1. Thanks for featuring me – and Aidan of course can’t leave him out! I’m happy to answer any (decent) questions left here 🙂

  2. I love Angela’s responses – so well and truly from the heart and imaginative mind of a writer. The desk is just gorgeous with so many fascinating nooks and crannies – perfect for all sorts of little tidbits and treasures. When my husband I move to Australia’s Victorian High Country very shortly, I’m so looking forward to setting my study up overlooking our pool (and hopefully a waterfall) to be inspired while writing all of my future novels and publisher reviews. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love your responses too JS and hope your move goes well and you get your inspirational view I’m sure it will make the words flow!

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