Five Facts.

Another blog post which leads on from the lovely Margaret James tagging me in another little Facebook game. This one is five facts relating to a character in my Work in Progress. Well, the exciting thing (for me, anyway) is that I have now finished the first draft of that WIP and I can do the five facts with a clear conscience – because I know the characters pretty well by now.

I should hope I know them, anyway, because this draft is the third (and probably final) linked book in that series. The first book is the one which is due out in October with the PINK cover – Some Veil Did Fall – and although they are three separate stories about three different couples, the same people pop up in them. See how they’re linked?

Anyway – these are my five facts and I’m going to talk about Lissy, who’s story is told in book three, Sea Spell.

1) Lissy is half Italian and lucky for her, Daddy is rather wealthy.

2) She drives a silver MG, but doesn’t bother with driving when she’s at home in..

3)…her Kensington apartment. It’s much easier to fly everywhere from Heathrow, darling.

4) She volunteers in an art gallery  – The Tate, to be precise. At least she’s putting that Art History degree to good use.

5) Her family and friends have nicknamed her the Junk Shop Junkie – she has an unhealthy obsession with poking around in antique shops and finding interesting things to give to people.

Now it’s my turn to tag someone  – who can I persuade to have a go…?

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