Seven Lines

I was tagged by the lovely Margaret James and asked to play a game whereby you post seven lines from page seven of your to-be-published work. I’m going to do mine here as well as on Facebook because I can ramble more on here about it all . Ahem…

This extract is from Some Veil Did Fall, which will be coming out in Autumn 2014 from Choc Lit – if Veil was a Friends episode, I suspect it would be called The One with the Bright Pink Cover.

“She scanned the area again, seeing the funeral procession winding its way up the steps towards the Abbey; but as the procession came fully into view, Becky could tell, annoyingly, that the girl was no longer at the end of it. She tried to look down the surrounding side streets; but all she could spot was a seething mass of general humanity. Nobody stood out of the crowd like that girl had done. She cursed under her breath.

‘That’s my fault, isn’t it?’ Jon was contrite. ‘Please, Becky. Let me get you a coffee. I have to now, to make up for it, or I’ll feel bad all day.’ “


The reason I feel it deserves a little blog post is that I just sent off my final edits two days ago, and now I’ve been told that the ‘accept’ button has been pressed and it’s winging its way to the typesetters, so I’m rather chuffed. The manuscript was, I thought in quite good shape when I sent it and it got really positive remarks back from the Choc Lit Tasting Panel; however nothing is ever perfect in this game, even if it looks pretty much that way. I’ve done three rounds of edits and the story is far better. It has a proper parallel storyline now, which serves to round it off and even when I’ve read through it myself I can see how much it’s changed.

Proof positive that a fresh pair of eyes and a good editor are as necessary to the writing process as a pen, paper and a good imagination.

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