Hoppity Hop.

This is my very first ‘blog hop’, and as I understand it I answer four questions my good friend Berni Stevens sets, and then you guys, the readers, ‘hop’ over to three of my other friends’ blogs and see what they say to my questions. That’s the plan anyway! Berni is my magnificent cover designer, and you’ll see her work on Memory of Snow, Refuge and Some Veil Did Fall. She’s also a talented author in her own right, and you could do worse than pick up a copy of Dance Until Dawn, Berni’s own vampire romance from Choc Lit Publishing. You may indeed have ‘hopped’ over here from Berni’s blog, but if you haven’t, you can catch her on http://bernistevens.blogspot.co.uk/

Berni – What are you working on?

Me – I’m currently half way through my third book involving the characters from my forthcoming October Choc Lit release, Some Veil Did Fall. I enjoyed writing about the people so much in Veil that I ended up doing not a trilogy, exactly, but three linked books. Each book is the story of a different couple, but the other couples pop in and out. I’m going to miss them when I’m finished with this one – so I may have to drag out some characters who are perhaps hiding between the pages of Sea Spell and try to tell their story next. It depends who shouts the loudest!
Berni – How does your work differ from others of its genre?
Me – My books have quite a local flavour and are based in various parts of the north of England. I have lots of readers tell me how real the places are to them, and that it even encourages them to visit the places I write about and see the locations for themselves. My first book, Memory of Snow, is centred on Hadrian’s Wall. Refuge is located on Holy Island, and Some Veil Did Fall is based in Whitby. I love the area around here. Everything is so rich in history and the idea of ‘research’ is always a good excuse to pop out and ultimately find a tea shop!
 Berni – Why do you write what you do?
Me – I’ve always loved the idea of timeslips – ghosts and spirits and paranormal mysteries are fantastic things. I’m a big fan of Barbara Erskine and Mary Stewart, and to be able to combine that style of work with a romance is just perfect. The characters often develop lives and voices of their own and I tend to let them take me where they want to go. And there’s usually something mysterious involved in it all. Part of the fun is unravelling that mystery, because I don’t always know what it is.
 Berni – How does your writing process work?
Me – I don’t plot and I don’t plan. I would say, if pressed, that the work was character driven rather than plot driven. I have an idea of where I want to go and I start writing; then as the characters develop, they take on a life of their own and tell me their story. I just write it down for them.  I find that I start off quite well, then I might have to leave the novel for a bit. I can leave stuff for weeks or months, even, and I’ll do some short stories or articles – all of which I can write pretty quickly – then suddenly I think ‘aha!’ and the novel all takes off again. I get very involved in it all – for instance, these latest books have a lot to do with photography, the Pre Raphaelites and art so I’ve been drawing on loads of resources for those. I become a mini fact-file while I research and end up with a document almost as long as the book which is full of web links and jottings. And I think my family must get quite irritated with the information I randomly tell them at every opportunity! But when the characters start invading my dreams I know I’m just about there with it all. And I can’t really imagine writing in an organised fashion, to be honest – it’s just not my style!
So – now that bit’s over with, here are the people I recommend you hop over to see next week 🙂
Robyn Koshel – Author of Paranormal romances and is briefly foraying into the sci fi comedy genre, hoping to pick up where the late Douglas Adams left off. When she is not reviewing books, she ghost writes and generally makes a nuisance of herself. At the moment her main project is http://www.epbrprojectnemesis.wordpress.com/ and she’s finishing off the sequel to her jukepop serial “The man who started the war that saved the universe”.
Kirsty White – Kirsty used to want to be a writer as a teenager but life and a history of depression got in the way. In 2010 as a way to help her recover from a breakdown she started the modern day equivalent of keeping a diary and started a blog. She wanted to show to herself and others if they were interested that depression doesn’t have to rule your life and there are many happy and positive things if you only go and look for them. This has given her the confidence to start writing more creatively and she has since written some short stories (as yet unpublished) and hopes to study creative writing in more detail this year with the view to finally being able to write at least one novel.
Conrad Brand – In 2001 Conrad and his wife moved from South Africa to the United Kingdom and after 4 years in London, they settled in Berkshire where they share their lives with Archie and Yokie, their two beautiful dogs. Conrad is currently a full time accountant, but hopes to one day make a living from writing and publishing. He is also the owner of new independent publishing company Springbok Publications.

One thought on “Hoppity Hop.

  1. I love Mary Stewart, Barbara Erskine and Whitby so I’m really looking forwards to reading your novel, Kirsty – photography and Pre Raphs too! Brilliant!

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