From Pen to Paperback


When I set this blog up, I asked the question ‘what would people want to read about?’ And one of the responses I received was how did Some Veil Did Fall turn from an idea into a paperback?

Well, it’s not quite a paperback yet, but it’s getting there; and Choc Lit will be releasing it in October 2014 with a free digital copy included with it – which can’t be bad.

I submitted the manuscript to Choc Lit in April 2013 after working on the story for about a year. It was a completely different style of book to the sort I normally write, and I didn’t want to go ahead and self-publish in case my readers hated it. I also wanted some sort of validation that the book was at least okay! My beta-readers, four friends who I trust implicitly to give me honest feedback, had all said it was great, but you just never know.

Anyway, I sent it off and was told it would take about six months to get through the Choc Lit Tasting Panel – a group of readers who cover all the demographics you would expect in romance readers. Yes, this book was a romance – a timeslip romance at that. Which is something I’d never done before. My first attempt at writing a romance a few years ago had me wanting to kill off the characters as I started to really, really hate them. I much preferred darker, spooky stories and darker, spooky characters. But Veil was different. As I wrote it, I started to like the characters, and didn’t really want to kill them off at all. Which was a good sign. Although there is still quite a hefty dollop of the paranormal in Veil and a couple of darker scenes, it’s still a nice book and I wanted my characters to get their happy ever after, despite all that.

I found out in December 2013, that the Choc Lit Tasting Panel had loved the characters too and the publishers wanted to take Veil on. Cue a muchly excited author, a meeting with Lyn from Choc Lit and a huge thrill at seeing my name in The Bookseller!

Things went quiet for me after that, but I knew Choc Lit was working away in the background. Lu asked me if the blurb was ok, and Luke did a spot of publicity for me. Holly guided me through the minefield that is social networking and the Chocliteers – the other authors – proved to be a massively supportive and friendly bunch. I’ve also made some good friends who aren’t Chocliteers but who are just as helpful and supportive to me.

The next major piece of excitement occurred when Berni produced an amazing cover for Veil which had me shrieking with joy – and I’ve now done the first two rounds of edits on the book, guided by ‘my editor’ (that sounds so good!) the fantastic Jane.

The first round of edits was mainly working on things to round the story off more – we wanted more of a parallel storyline with the timeslip aspect so I needed to rejig a few things and write a couple more big scenes into it. The word count increased very nicely and suddenly I had more than 80k words in the manuscript. But every word counted and the whole thing just seemed so much better. The second round of edits was much more demure – fine tuning things, changing words here and there, adding sentences rather than scenes to clarify situations. They are little, yet very important, edits.

I can’t tell you any more than that just yet, because I emailed the manuscript off about half an hour ago and I’m waiting to see what happens next…

But I’ll definitely keep you posted 🙂

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